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1 Environmental influences on forced expiratory volume in midlife Марютина Т.М., Равич-Щербо И.В.
Experimental Aging Research. - №25 (3)
2 Genetic and environmental factors in interindividual VERP variability Марютина Т.М.
Personality and Individual Differences. - 1994. - V. 17. - № 4.
3 Personal resource of self-organization of life activity of older adolescents in the context of distance learning Суннатова Р.И., Шукова Г.В.
The relevance of research into the psychological aspects of digitalization of education; in particular, the issues of psychological wellbeing of students in the digital educational environment, has significantly increased when modern society collides with the realities of distance learning and realizes the possibility of personal resources and risks created by the format of distance learning.
4 Structural modeling of the position of the subject of the study Акимова М.К., Персиянцева С.В.
In the article proposes a theoretical model of the concept of the position of the subject of the study. The position of the subject of the study of is seen as a phenomenon of the unity of the process and the result in the system of psycho-pedagogical criteria of the effectiveness of education.
5 The Creative Principle in the Model of Building Russian Psychological Science by Professor G.I. Chelpanov Серова О.Е.
The article highlights various aspects of the activities of the founder of scientific psychology in Russia G.I. Chelpanov. The creative orientation of the scientist's personality is emphasized as the dominant beginning of his creative asceticism in the field of Russian psychological science.
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